Visual Presence (VP)

Keep your look on brand

Customers are humans, and humans are visual animals - colors, fonts, and style make a difference. When brands are inconsistent and mix these up across communication tools, customers notice and form impressions that might not be positive.

Using an easy-to-read font makes customers feel that you are easy to work with. Using the same color palette in everything you do creates the impression that you will always deliver a consistent customer experience. Using correct spelling and grammar reinforces that you have strong attention to detail. Writing tone can signal what to expect in terms of professionalism, empathy, and personality.

Embedding your Visual Presence in everything you do amplifies what you want your brand to personify. We can help you design and implement a solid Visual Presence.


Logo Design

Your logo should perfectly depict your brand. Images can evoke feelings, perceptions, and ideas, and we'll make sure yours makes the right impression.

You may have ideas of imagery, color, or elements your logo should include - or no ideas at all!

Brand Guide

Let's take your logo a few steps further! We will develop a brand guide for all your visuals and communication.

You'll receive a cohesive look and feel for everything that represents your business - fonts, color palette, style, layout guidelines, and more.

Business Cards & Stationery

Reinforce your visual identity on all your printed and virtual communications. Template creation for documents, reports, and anything to ensure a consistent visual presence.


USB drives, mugs, apparel, laptop bags, notebooks, giveaway items...if you want your logo and branding on it, we can get it for you!

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