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    Trying to Grow a Business is Overwhelming

    If you don’t have a plan you feel confident in when it comes to growing your business…

    • Revenue stalls or (worse) dips 
    • You waste time chasing ideas that don’t move the needle
    • You guess instead of following a process

    And that leads to sleepless nights and feeling constantly overwhelmed. We don’t want that for you. We want to see your business grow and this will work for you too.

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    Your Small Business Should Run Like an Airplane

    There are six parts of your business that need to be optimized so it can fly far and fast.

    • Leadership

      The Cockpit - Grow your business by aligning your team around three economic priorities.

    • Marketing

      The Right Engine - Learn to clarify your marketing message so your customers place orders.

    • Sales

      The Left Engine - Close more sales by inviting customers into a story instead of pushing products.

    • Products

      The Wings - Increase your revenue by prioritizing (and creating) products that are high in demand and high in profit.

    • Overhead & Operations

      The Body - Run a lean business by organizing your entire team using only five meetings.

    • Cash Flow

      The Fuel Tanks - Install a simple, easy playbook that ensures you never run out of cash.

    When you optimize the six key parts of your business, you’ll not only feel confident in your business growth plan – you’ll actually enjoy running your business again.

    Growing a Healthy Business Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

    As your Business Made Simple Certified Coach, I’ll guide you through each topic to ensure you implement these concepts into each key area of your business. Here’s how we’ll work together to ensure you build a healthy, profitable business:

    • Sign up for Business Made Simple here
    • Schedule a kickoff call with me so we can align on objectives
    • Start the first coaching module and get your business on track
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  • Clarify Your Message So More Customers Engage

    Create a clear message and 5-part marketing plan for your business at the StoryBrand Marketing Livestream

    Clarify your message

    Know you're doing it right

    Finally feel confident

    Your Marketing Should Invite Customers Into a Relationship with you and it should work.

    • Have you invested in marketing that isn’t getting a return?
    • Are you guessing at what your message should be?
    • Do you have a clear brand story?
    • Do you have a system for creating marketing that saves you time and money?
    • Can you clearly state your value proposition?


    A StoryBrand Marketing Workshop is just what you need!

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    Creating marketing can feel overwhelming, but businesses that clarify their message and build a sales funnel are the ones that thrive in the marketplace.

    At the StoryBrand Marketing Workshop Livestream, you'll get a clear message that connects with customers. A clear message allows you to create...

    • A message that unites your team and connects with customers

    • An elevator pitch you can use in meetings, at parties or on sales calls

    • A wireframe for a new website that will get you more business

    • A lead generator to collect emails and onboard customers

    • An email sales sequence to close the deal and increase sales

    • A plan and resources you can immediately implement

    Not only that, but you will get…

    - A clear value proposition
    - A simple, repeatable framework
    - Years of indecision now resolved
    - A clear story you can tell
    - Action items that bring the biggest return
    - Finally feel confident about your message, website, emails and marketing plan

    Here's the plan

    Clarify your message and create a marketing plan that works with the Complete Marketing Overhaul

    • Register for the Livestream
    • Clarify your own message
    • Start selling while you sleep
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  • What will you learn during the 2-day Livestream?

    • The 7 messages you need to create to stop confusing customers
    • A 5-part marketing plan that will keep revenue flowing
    • Expert coaching in digital breakout sessions
  • Small Business Flight School

    The 6-month program helping small business owners double their revenue.

    Your number one fear as a business owner is running out of money. Without a proven plan for growth, that’s exactly what will happen.

    When you’re guessing at how to grow your business you:
    - Constantly worry about cash flow
    - Waste time and money on strategies that don’t work
    - Feel like the chaotic startup phase never ends

    What to expect in Small Business Flight School:

    • Create a plan to overhaul your entire business in six months

      Get access to online training that teaches you how to implement a growth plan in just 6 months.

    • Install a proven plan to 2x your revenue

      You only have to spend 5 hours per week to learn and implement the Flight School frameworks and start seeing results.

    • Get weekly insider access to the Business Made Simple team

      Get feedback on how to apply the frameworks in your specific business and industry.

    • Join a community of growth-minded business owners

      Through the Flight School online community, you’ll join a group of peers you can connect with, learn from, and partner with to share best practices.

    Here's the plan

    Do you want help to eliminate the uncertainty and painful setbacks in your business? Are you ready to accelerate the growth of your business?

    • Join Small Business Flight School
    • Start your training
    • Get ready to transform your business and your life
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  • What happens in Flight School?

    Each month, you’ll focus on a key area of your business and walk you through the action steps you need to execute. It takes about 5 hours a week over a 6-month period to complete the Flight School training and action steps. The 6 key areas of your business you’ll be covering are:

    • Leadership
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Products
    • Overhead and Operations
    • Cash Flow

    By the time you’re done with the program, each area of your business will be prepared to fire on all cylinders and you’ll have a growth plan ready to go that actually works.

    If you’ve been looking for an easy, proven growth plan you can implement quickly, you’ve found it.

    Stop guessing at what you need to do to grow your business and use the next 6 months to become a confident business owner with more revenue and a healthy, scaling business.