Are you confident in your web marketing strategy?

Do you struggle with increasing sales?

How well do you understand what your customers and the market wants, and what your competitors are doing?

We can help you ask the right questions, create the right strategy, and activate tools to take your profits to the next level!


Your website has one job: convert visitors to customers.

We can help make sure your website is ticking all the boxes to do its job properly. Depending on what your business offers, you may need a simple or more complex website, but you always need the following elements:

  • A web marketing strategy and clear copywriting.
  • Clear explanation of what problem your customers face and how you solve it.
  • Expression of empathy and demonstration of your expertise.
  • Obvious instruction how to buy.
  • Single-Page Website

    We’ll work together to understand your reason for being and develop or refine your marketing strategy.

    We’ll write or adapt copy and source images to support your brand image.

    Your key messages will be built in sections on one scrollable page layout.

    starting at$6,800
  • Up to 6-Page Website

    For more complex websites – strategy development, copywriting, and design in a layout that includes up to six pages. 

    Typical layouts include the following:

    1. Home
    2. About us
    3. Contact us
    4. Products/Services
    5. Frequently asked questions
    6. Blog
    starting at$9,800
  • Web Hosting and Maintenance

    Website hosting means providing space on a web server to store website files (which is necessary if you want your website to actually be on the internet).

    Some clients prefer to have their own hosting separately, which is fine, but our packages also include website monitoring and security, monthly backups, theme and plug-in updates, and monthly reporting.

    starting at$89per month

Do you hate selling, but love getting sales?

Installing a marketing and sales funnel is the easiest way to help prospects get familiar with you, earn their trust, and make buying decisions. A sales funnel is a simple framework that makes selling easier through automation.

  • Demonstrate your knowledge or expertise with a free or inexpensive lead generator.
  • Promote the lead generator on a landing page.
  • Collect email addresses and consent to send messages in exchange for the lead generator.
  • Activate a series of email messages designed to nurture familiarity, clarify your expertise, and create opportunities to buy.

You can send these messages over weeks or months as appropriate for your business, and you can use the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool of your choice to automate the message delivery. We also offer CRM software if you don't already have a system you use. You will also want to promote your landing page and lead generator using advertising and social media channels to create more awareness. 

  • Foundation Sales Funnel

    We’ll work together to copywrite and create a lead generator that makes sense for your business.

    We will build a simple landing page with a form to collect email addresses in exchange for your lead generator.

    We’ll write six email messages for you to send to your contacts that will deepen your relationship and invite them into a sales decision.


  • Ground Floor Sales Funnel

    We will help create a lead generator and build a landing page with a form to collect email addresses in exchange for your lead generator.

    We’ll develop twelve compelling email messages to put into a timed delivery sequence that will highlight your products and services and encourage more sales.

  • Next Level Sales Funnel

    Your lead generator will be a PDF, video, or sample that you give away in exchange for email addresses and permission to send emails, and will be available on your landing page.

    You’ll get twenty-four email messages written for you to send out to contacts and deepen your relationship. That’s enough for six months, if you do monthly emails, or six weeks, if you send weekly messages.


Unlock hidden business potential through research insights.

We have so many questions, about needs and preferences, behaviour and attitudes, and the reasons why your customers, employees, and prospects think what they think.

  • What do your customers really think about your products and services?
  • How engaged are your employees, and what would make them love their jobs more?
  • What are your competitors offering?
  • How could you get someone to switch to you from a competitor?
  • How much should you charge?

Research projects are always highly customized, since they depend on your questions, your markets, and your customer and employee base. We are curious people, and we can design a project to deliver exactly the insights you need.

  • Customer or employee research survey (list-based)

    We’ll develop and administer an online survey of your customers or employees that asks custom questions about what you need to know. 

    You could ask customers about their satisfaction with your services, what they wish your products did, how they feel about your processes, and more.

    You might want to know how your employees feel about working for you. Are they happy, do they feel valued, are they aligned with your core values, do they anticipate staying or moving on?

    You will get clear numbers and measurements that tell you exactly what you can – and should – change based on direct feedback.

    starting at$7,500
  • Customer or employee focus group discussions

    Some questions might be a little more nuanced than others, and require a semi-guided conversation instead of a structured survey questionnaire.

    We will host a small group online discussion following a topic guide and moderated by our professional facilitator. 

    You will be able to view the discussions as an observer, and you will receive summary reporting of trends, patterns, and observations based on the discussions.

    starting at$6,500
  • Representative sample market research survey

    When you’re forecasting potential sales, market trends, and optimizing pricing, you need market data. It needs to be accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.

    We will work with a research partner to ensure a statistically representative sample, and will collect survey responses online or by telephone to answer your important questions. 

    You’ll get a sense of how many people in your target population might be interested in the products and services you offer. This means you’ll be able to forecast your market share and create sales and profitability targets. You’ll know how strong certain opinions are and how competitive you are in your markets.

    starting at$35,000