Customer Experience & Opinions (PRES)

The life of your business

Customer Experience is the key to excellence. Without a good understanding of how well you're meeting the needs of your customers, anticipating their preferences, and responding to their concerns, you can't say you are customer-focused. And if you aren't customer-focused, you're probably not as successful as you could be.

Market Research is critical to understand potential opportunity. It's a view into why some people aren't your customers, or why they stopped being your customers. It helps you stay on top of what your competition is doing, and helps you stay creative and sharp!

online survey, mobile survey

CX Surveys

A feedback system for your current customers – triggered by a transaction, scheduled, or ad hoc. 

Actionable feedback to give you tangible things to improve service.

data analysis, funnel data turning into profit

Deep Qualitative

We will facilitate in-depth conversations with customers and non-customers, as a focus group or personal interview, to uncover deep reasons for behavior and attitudes, explore complex concepts, and generate new ideas. 

Qualitative research can be either in-person, online, or a mix of both.

Focus group, people participating in a discussion, virtual and in person

Market Research

This is a broad study of markets and populations to understand potential, general trends and demand, and explore strategic advantages. 

You will receive data and insights to help make informed decisions about marketing, product development, and competitive intelligence.

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