About Us

Our Mission

Welcome to SuiteUpstairs, where we specialize in creating smart and stunning custom solutions for our clients. Our team of experienced designers, developers, and researchers are dedicated to helping our clients make their dreams come true. 

We take the time to understand your company, your customers, and your goals before we begin a project. We start with a lot of questions to make sure we truly get who you are and what you want to achieve. We understand that every business is unique.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and attention to detail. 

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One Size Does Not Fit All

Your business is unique. You have different processes, best practices, policies, and philosophies than any other business, even in the same industry.

We believe that your unique business deserves unique solutions. We don’t believe in squeezing into jeans that aren’t quite the right fit.

Customization is our uniqueness. We create customized solutions for your business operations automation, your web presence, your visual identity, and your customer insights measurement program. 

Our Team


Cam has been designing business operation apps for over a decade and websites for more than twenty years. He has a unique ability to see ways to connect data and systems and make businesses run more efficiently.

Web Design & CX

Kristen has more than twenty years of expertise in consulting for market, customer, and public opinion research and data analysis. She has been working on website design for ten years. Her understanding of consumer behavior connects to client success.

App Developer

Hannah came to SuiteUpstairs with a passion for problem solving and a desire to learn new methodologies and platforms to use technology to help businesses run better. She works primarily on the business app service.

Business Development

Maureen is responsible for helping SuiteUpstairs expand our reach and networks. She is developing a network of contacts, attracting new clients, and maintaining client relationships.

I love being able to use my powers for good. Helping our clients succeed is such a great feeling!